Being a Portrait Model

If you are interested in being a portrait model for us then you might like to know what it involves.

We begin the sitting at 9.30am sharp, and it is best if the model arrives about 15mins before the beginning so that we can discuss the arrangement of the pose.

There is only one pose for the sitter.

The sitter has to remain relatively still for each portion of the sitting. The poses is broken up into 25min long blocks in order to minimize the discomfort that happens when you sit without moving. There are 5min long breaks between each of these sitting, though at 11am there is a longer 25min break for refreshments.

Photographs are usually taken of the model while posing. Please let us know if you have an objection to that.

We currently pay $90 to sitters for the entire 3hr long session.

The Portrait Sitting is held at the Bassendean Main Community Hall. There is plenty of parking around the Hall and also the Bassendean train station is only a few minutes walk away.

Portrait sitting location