James, Mon 16 Feb 2015

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Have a look at some of the work produced in our second drawing session of 2015. James is our model.

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A shot in the art

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That time has come round again. The Portrait Sitting is set to resume this coming Tuesday 3 February at the usual time of 9.30am and in the usual place of St Marks Hall in Bassendean. The news is that this will change in the following week and we will be moving to Monday morning and also to a new venue in the Bassendean Community Hall which is right next to the Bassendean Library and underneath the Council Chambers.  Bonnies Flyer sums it up so here it is:


infoflyer23.01.15 Hope to see you there for the 9 February second start.




Lenny and Acacia

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Brian napping

Brian napping


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Hi Everyone. Yes the Portrait Sitting is still active. Just can’t be bothered doing a regular post. I am putting up the drawings from the last sitting this time. We had Erwin as our model and its been 4 years since we last had him.

One of our own sits for us. Here’s Kathy.






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Our numbers are really soaring these days and the quality of peoples work is reaching new heights. Bonnie and I have started some more formal/informal lessons in portraits and life drawing from 1pm to 3pm in the hall right after the portrait sitting. Get in touch with me on the portraitsitting email if you are interested in attending. The first one was quite enjoyable. Jeff

Ends and Beginnings

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Thanks to everyone for a great year. It’s quite encouraging to watch how people make steady improvements in their portrait skills over time. To plagiarise:

We do it, not because it is easy, but because it is hard

Speaking of which the Portrait Sitting is in its summer recess now but resumes on Tuesday 4 February. There are a variety of new things being planned for this year. One of which is a long pose that will be trialed at Ellis House, in Bayswater by the river, (because they will generously support us rent free and let us keep the setup in place)  and will run over several days with some effort going into to composition and placement of the model. This is for the painters who want to really sink their teeth into a painted portrait. The normal Portrait Sitting will be run as well in the church hall in Bassendean during  this week.

See you in February. Jeff

All the sittersWe have been running the Portraitsitting since July 2010 and in that time we have had more than 100 individuals sit for us, sometimes more than once. Some are also the artists whose work has featured here.
This montage shows most of our sitters. Its a big file so it will take some time to load. Take a trip down memory lane and have a look.


Image  —  Posted: November 27, 2013 in Tuesday Portrait Sessions

Image  —  Posted: November 12, 2013 in Tuesday Portrait Sessions